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In less than 20 years from 2001 to the present, RICHARD replica watches breitling has adhered to the quality and creativity of its top watches.

Creating a variety of special watches that have never been seen before in the watch industry, from extremely light and extremely High-performance seismic resistance.

The introduction of cutting-edge technology materials, RICHARD replica watches breitling has never been concerned about the conventions of the.

Swiss watch industry, and pursues breakthroughs at no cost.

Sometimes it is only to achieve an ideal, concept or whims of RICHARD replica watches breitling.


Swiss VALGINE watch factory.

In order to complete all the creative and mechanical whimsy, in the process of long-term research and development.

RICHARD replica watches breitling understands that if you want to make your own unique watch, you must first master the technology.

Many people will ask: Does RICHARD replica watches breitling have its own watch factory?

Currently, RICHARD  is located at the VALGINE watch factory in the small town near La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Switzerland. It is the workshop of the company’s production line, quality management, quality testing and basic movement assembly.

While the high-complex features such as the tourbillon and the rear-end. Chronographs or other precision parts work with high-end foreign aid suppliers, with APRP as the most important partner.

In addition to the fascinating and complex movement. The RICHARD refined in its own case factory and refined in various case materials.

RICHARD has an extremely complete case and main splint making equipment.

Including alloy materials or high-tech polymer materials that  commonly found in the aerospace industry used in various models.

And are made of materials that  so special and almost unusable in the watch industry.

The design of the case, main splint and main parts cannot  relie on by the foreign aid production plant.

And the production results of the foreign aid production factory sometimes cannot meet the strict requirements of the RICHARD .