How to Use Private Instagram Viewer Tool?

Nowadays, one and all should have an account on Instagram and also uses the special features of Instagram such as private settings, which hides the profile of anyone to others who are not followers. This feature is good for users to maintain the secure profile, posts, and videos but also makes a problem for people who likes to view other’s private Instagram profile.

Many people would like to find out the person behind in the private Instagram profile. At such a case, they need to be a follower of that particular person and that person has to accept your follower request, so that they can able to view profiles. This is a big procedure and also takes a lot of time too.private Instagram viewer

Therefore, people look for the short way to accomplish it. If you’re one of them having a problem with private settings of Instagram and wondering for the shortcut, then private Instagram viewer tool helps you to do it fast.

How to use private Instagram viewer tool? This is your question right!! Keep continue to read this section to know.

Step #1:

At first, you need to know the username of the person whose profile you need to view and copy that username.

Step #2:

Paste that username on the tool but, some tool requires full URL path with the username. So, copy the URL path and paste on the tool.

Step #3:

Now, click submit button to fetch the profile of your requested person.

Step #4:

This step may vary based on the tool you using, because some tools ask you to enter the captcha code, requires choosing load option or simply display the requested results after the 3rd step.

Step #5:

There is an option for you in the private Instagram viewer that is, download. You can download the fetched results to see on later.

There are so many tools available on the internet, so choose anyone and follow the above-mentioned steps to use the private Instagram viewer.