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Trump was originally schedule to deliver his state of the replica watches Hublot Cases.And then Union address on February 29.

Pelosi suggest on October 16 that he give a speech after the shutdown or submit a writ state .
The replica watches Hublot Cases union address, citing security problems caused by the shutdown.

Trump initially considergiving a speech elsewhere.
About a quarter of the federal government has been shut down since December 22.

And about 800,000 federal employees have been forced to work without pay or on furloughed leave.And then As the White House and congressional Democrats have fail to agree on .

Funding bill amid deep divisions over issues such as a replica watches Hublot Cases border wall.And thenĀ On January 25th, the 35th day of the partial “replica watches Hublot Cases” of the federal government.

Mr Trump signed into law a short-term spending bill to fund the operation .
The federal government for three weeks, keeping it open until February 15th.

Global times reports correspondent du haichuan.
There is a growing danger that the ships and planes between the two countries are approaching a crisis.

Since the “replica watches Hublot Cases” dispute at the end of last year.
South Korea has identified Japanese warplanes as repeatedly approaching south Korean warships .
And making low-altitude threatening flights.

South Korea’s chosun ilbo newspaper sai Thursday that military exchanges.
And cooperation between the two countries have seen “replica watches Hublot Cases” due to .And then Escalating military tensions between the two countries.

Japan’s defence ministry is reconsidering plans for maritime self defence force .And then Ships to dock at the port of busan in April.

While South Korea’s navy has cancelled a replica watches Hublot Cases plan visit to .And then Japan next month by the commander of the first fleet in the east China sea.

Some military experts that no matter the aircraft flying over other countries’ ships at a very low altitude.
Or ships locking with fire-control radar.
It is what many international bilateral or multilateral agreements require to avoid.

In the current military practice, countries do engage in this kind of provocative confrontation.
But in general it does not lead to direct conflict.