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replica watches omega and Tudor are one, it’s so big that the price difference is so big.

replica watches omega and Tudor watch should not go too far, straight into the subject.

Because a few days ago, I saw the “Green Ghost” (green circle axe) of the Tudor appeared in the secondary market.

And the market was “amazing”, so the small luxury network Xiaobian also wanted to tell you about some current situation about the Tudor watch.

The special version of the Tudor “Green Circle” Harold appeared in the secondary market. Shijiazhuang gather luxury net recycling.

But now it’s true that the replica watches omega is really “tangled”.

The situation I said below, I think not only I have “tangled”, but many brothers have also “tangled”.

Brothers know that Tudor and Rolex are one, and Tudor is a Rolex deck.

To put it bluntly, Rolex took the “high price” route and Tudor took the “parity” route. In the official words of Rolex.

“the end of the Tudor is the beginning of Rolex”, the most expensive Tudor.

And the cheapest Rolex, is a price.

Since the establishment of the Tudor, it has always been this position, and there has been no problem.

But in the past two years, the situation has changed a little.

Since replica watches omega and Tudor are one, it’s so big that the price difference is so big.

Starting from the introduction of “small flowers” by Tudor (I was impressed in 2012).

Because the value of the Tudor sports watch “suddenly exploded”, the popularity of the Tudor sports watch “surge”.

The red circle and the blue circle are very “sao”, and the price is low, people are loved.

Please note that at this time, the situation of Tudor is still normal, but after the small flower.

Tudor launched the “small shield”, and the situation of Tudor began to change.

Historically, the obvious difference between Tudor and Rolex is the movement. Rolex uses a self-produced movement, and Tudor uses a general-purpose calibre that has been purchased abroad for a long time.

The Tudor and Rolex cases are all shaped cases, and the case is the same technology, the difference is on the movement.

The replica watches omega gold “small shield”  equipped with belts and steel belts, and the steel belt is obviously better.

A real situation of the replica watches omega is that the price, market, and entry of the high-end Tudor are overlapping.

Some brothers are replica watches omega.

For this question, my idea is that new players, just starting to buy watches, “face” is more important.

It is not easy to regret buying a higher-level brand; old players, please buy your watch according to your “interest”.

Tudor’s current positioning  “unique” and can be used up and down.

It can reach the position of Wan Guo and replica watches omega, and it can go to Longines.

I think the new trend of the market from Tudor and the position of Tudor Antique Watch in the hearts of collectors will  moved upwards.

Rolex does not let it “up”, but the actual market will “take” the Tudor.