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The timberwolves (19-21) won their second straight replica watches rolex daytona.
Andrew wiggins had 28 points, karl-anthony towns had 28 points and 18 rebounds, Jeff teague had 15 points and 11.

assists and Kentucky Gibson had 12 points.

James missed five games and the lakers lost four.
Today he still failed to return, did not even go with the team.
Kuzma and rondo also failed to play.
Beasley dunk beasley dunk

The lakers’ last loss to the knicks upset coach Luke Walton, who said the team played better without James.

The timberwolves are replica watches rolex daytona without Ross and carvington, but towns has been playing well lately and still can’t be overlooked.

It was the first time they had met the lakers since butler’s trade.

The lakers’ only lead was replica watches rolex daytona.
Teague and wiggins added three more points, and the timberwolves added a 15-0 run to lead the way.
The lakers played 4:30 before beasley, who came off the bench, hit the ball.

Wiggins and towns took turns attacking, and midway through the first quarter, the timberwolves took a 26-5 lead.
In a span of 7 minutes and 30 seconds, the lakers only beasley made two shots, the rest of the “iron.”.
The lakers improved slightly after coming off the bench, scoring three straight points to finish the quarter 19-35


The timberwolves maintained a replica watches rolex daytona deficit in the second quarter.
Hart’s layup with 1:51 left in the quarter left the lakers trailing 43-55, already the smallest margin of the


Wiggins hit consecutive field goals with 39 seconds left in the quarter, and each man scored five straight points

as the timberwolves opened the gap again, 64-45.
Three for Pope.

Towns continued to score in the third quarter as replica watches rolex daytona the timberwolves took a 23-point lead, 68-45.
The lakers struggled to keep up with points with beasley and Stephenson.
The lakers trailed 59-82 with 3:32 left in the quarter before the timberwolves missed a field goal and the lakers

had a 9-1 run, falling 68-83 in the first three quarters.

The lakers closed replica watches rolex daytona the gap to 13 points in the fourth quarter, with dieng scoring five points in a row and the

timberwolves attacking again to extend the gap to more than 20 points.
Towns hit a field goal with 4:21 left and the timberwolves took a 102-75 lead.

The timberwolves left towns with nearly three minutes left.