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Rolex replica air king —-Uk replica wathces OMEGA (OMEGA) is a famous Swiss watchmaker, English name OMEGA.

Named after the Greek letter “Ω”.Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt.

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rolex replica air king


Uk replica wathces Born in laaux-de-fonds in northwestern Switzerland in 1848.

Its founder, Louis Brandt, began his early watchmaking career by setting up a small workshop there.

In 1894 created a “Uk replica wathces Omega” 19 to movement, the movement for several famous European observatory precise timing certificate.

Issued by the company decided to rename, and by the Greek letter “Ω” as a sign, Omega name since birth.

Since its establishment, omega has not only devoted itself to creating practical and reliable chronometers.

But also demonstrated its skills in space and deep sea.

While providing precise timing in the field of motion timing, it has been continuously developing and developing timing technology and equipment.

In recent years, omega has promoted its motor core to be a highly magnetic zhizhen observatory motor core.

And announced the acquisition of Uk replica wathces certification (METAS) in cooperation with Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS).

Omega for cultural undertakings support, from the 1995 “golden eye” (GoldenEye), from the deep navy history and distinct personality.

Omega hippocampal series wrist watch has become the choice of agent 007, becomes indispensable to the modelling of Uk replica wathces gauge sheet it asted.

Help him in the stern challenge to accurately control the winning moment.

Omega  also committed to supporting social causes, including providing economic support and complete technical support for the solar impulse flight around the world .

Sponsor and work together with the wonderful Planet foundation to produce the eco-documentary Planet Ocean, and promote related Marine environmental protection projects.

Support the work of the international organization for orbis in the treatment of eye diseases and preventable blindness worldwide.

In 1969, NASA prepared for the first moon landing.

When the fourth-generation super hero series of Uk replica wathces professional wrist watches were chosen to perform the Apollo mission.