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Eason chan has rolex replica watches  accompanied many people’s growth and witnessed many people’s happiness and sorrow.Ten years ago, you might not have known that you and he would end up as best friend.He, too, sings your “guilty” and “guilty”, knows that you “(I) don’t love”, and knows that your loneliness and loneliness hurt.He sang so much that every word came to your heart.You’ll even laugh and cry with him.Walk with you through “four seasons” Eason, also taught you what?

Eason has been performing for more than 20 years. eason have  rolex replica watches  and I have listened to his songs for more than 10 years. When I listened to his ten years in high school, I didn’t know what a decade of life meant to me.Ten years, that sounds distant, that doesn’t seem to have much to do with me.Ten years later, I listened again, vaguely aware that in this time tunnel, everything was running at high speed, whether you wanted it or not.
When I grow up, I always feel sad for the lost friendship.


“The position has changed, there are teammates,” was a sad situation for me, but not because of a rolex replica watches caused the conflict, a dispute.”But when fate meets each other, every encounter comes together, and we come to a certain junction”. Some friends, while walking, come to another fork road.

“Silver or gold doesn’t matter who makes the movement Planned and done and got little time Still remain low how many heart beat is still in a hurry
Expensive is the moment I realized See a life in time”.

In the song “tuo flywheel”, eason chan put a  rolex replica watches  into a man’s helplessness and bitterness, “time” is the eternal theme of eason chan song.Perhaps at that time, Eason and time, and clocks have become inseparable.

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Someone commented rolex replica watches to  Eason’s song “there is no surprise in his song”.Sure, if you turn a few pages down a popular list, you can still see thousands, thousands of thumb up’s and likes in the comments.He’s crazy about his songs. He wants to be perfect.
But there is no such thing as perfection, he said. “even if it’s not perfect, it’s close to perfect.”

Since his debut in 1995, Eason has been playing music for 23 years, but when did he disappoint?Every one of his songs is his elaborately crafted work.One music critic described Eason’s “destiny as a shrewd businessman, perhaps in the dark, with everything marked out”.Eason’s talent and hard work led to his success today.Now he is the god of song, the dominant male singer in Hong Kong after Jacky cheung, and probably the best male singer in China.People are even no longer satisfied to listen to his mandarin songs, started to listen to his cantonese songs.
In private, Eason has a rare true temperament in the entertainment industry. He has the courage to express himself. Sometimes he forgets his words when singing.I sing very well!”The king of the music of the devil still has a lovely side.
Chan yi-xun and zhenli “every second must be true”
“Every minute must be true” is inscribed in his dictionary of life.Every time he writes, sings and stages a performance, he knows that only focus can get the best.This point, and zhenli when ZENITH brand does not conspire.In late July, shortly after Eason’s birthday, zhenli announced Eason as the brand’s global face.It is the first time in more than 150 years that the brand has signed a spokesperson.
Eason chan became the global face of zhenli’s brand
By the time zhenli was born in 1865, it had been on the road to tabulation for a century and a half.We are familiar with “bronze big fly”, “onion” and other classic works are derived from this brand.Why would eason chan be chosen when zhenli hasn’t signed up for an endorsement in more than a century?
Here’s what they said:
We live in an age of rapid pace and complex information. It is more and more difficult for us to focus on one thing and stick to our love.Eason represents a music legend of an era. His dedication to music coincides with his obsession with making accurate chronometers in the time of true power. As noisy as the present, we still hope to call for this rare earnest and concentration with “every minute must be true”.
When true power announced Eason as its global face, it released a photo of the Eason wearing its color Defy El Primero 21 diamond-encrusted watch
Because of love and concentration and persistence of every second, only accumulated every emotional interpretation of the moving melody;Keep improving constantly in the limit for higher peak, just quench a more accurate motor core.Eason chan’s extreme concentration on music coincides with the persistence of truth-power time in the manufacture of clocks and watches, which gives perfect annotation to “every minute must be true”.From the classic high frequency movement EL PRIMERO star speed, to Defy the one-hundredth second super frequency timing miracle, the force constantly breaks the time limit, making many great works of Swiss watch revolution.Its brilliant diamond and trusty qualities combine to create this striking Defy El Primero 21 diamond-encrusted rolex replica  watch.

Eason chan wears a special edition timepiece of the Pilot series
The collaboration between eason and zhenli is a good thing for both sides.Zhenlishi brand excellent tabulation level, adhering to the “true” tabulation concept and eason chan music belief has a common place.They all make fine works, only show the best works for the public.On this, Mr Chan says: “as a loyal fan of JMG, I feel very lucky to finally be able to work with such a remarkable brand.We believe that our cooperation will enable more people to understand the true meaning of “every minute must be true” and pay tribute to the legend together with  rolex replica watches.

True strength “bronze great fly”
By the time zhenli was born in 1865, it had been on the road to tabulation for a century and rolex replica watches.

We are familiar with  rolex replica watches, “onion” and other classic works are derived from this relox replica wathces brand. Why would eason chan be chosen when zhenli hasn’t signed up for an endorsement in more than a century?

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