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As the official partner of rolex replica online of FIBA(international basketball federation) and Beijing organizing committee, the famous Swiss watchmaker tiantiao has jointly held the launching ceremony of the one-year countdown to the ba

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sketball World Cup ofrolex replica online in Beijing.

Ms swatch group China worker Chen suzhen published splendid speech, with the fiba secretary Patrick Baumann Sir, vice chairman of the fiba Hamane Niang, Mr Fiba c.o commissioner Burton Shirpley Sir, standing executive chairman of rolex replica online, Mr Ying-chuan li, deputy director of state general administration of rolex replica online, standing executive chairman of the organizing committee, vice mayor of Beijing, Mr Marvin cheung, vice chairman and secretary general of rolex replica online, party secretary of state general administration of sports basketball management center, Mr Wang Xuan
Mr. Zhao wen, executive vice President of the organizing committee and director of Beijing municipal bureau of rolex replica online.
From now on, the skyshuttle countdown clock, symbolizing the spirit of precision and professional timing, will count down to the start of the competition in eight host cities.
The new basketball scoring system of the skysodometer international basketball federation (fiba) will be fully deployed in the World Cup when it is unveiled at the basketball arena of the Jakarta Asian games 2018, providing precise timing and scoring services to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the World Cup

The ceremony was held under the giant screen of the world trade square, and the celebration decoration full of sports passion brought endless vitality and vitality to the place where the trend gathered.
The celebration kicked off with a fierce 5v5 basketball match and a cool cheerleading performance as a representative of the fiba

Mr. Patrick Baumann, secretary general of fiba, took the lead and expressed the most sincere welcome to all the participants.
He highly appreciated the organizing committee’s contribution to the preparation of the fiba basketball World Cup and expressed his infinite expectation for the competition to be held here one year later.
Then, li yingchuan, executive chairman of the Beijing competition organizing committee of the 2019 basketball World Cup of the fiba, and deputy director of the general administration of sport of China, gave a speech on stage.
As a symbol of the official arrival of the basketball World Cup in Beijing, Mr. Baumann, secretary general of the fiba, presented the competition plaque to the Beijing organizing committee.